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See how this out-of-work musician turned Trading Hacker stunned the trading elite with PBF Xtreme! Discover…

“K… mmmm how to put this…. Are you kidding me?????? These indicators are incredible!!!

Holy moly… I set up my charts like you and am up almost 2K!! And I even missed a whole bunch of trades …

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this.. but you nailed it man… kudos to you.. and to me for finally finding you!!

Hope you’re well and talk soon!”



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  • You can only trade for a few minutes a day
  • You just started trading Forex
  • You only have a small amount to start trading with
  • You’ve never made serious money with Forex


As a professional Forex trader, the Paint Bar Forex indicators are the ONLY indicators I use in my day trading.

In fact, we have built our entire trading method and Live Trading Room around them.

They are just THAT good.

Charles A. Floyd, II, CTA, CPO and CEO of FAPWinner LLC


Retail traders, professional trading groups and hedge funds have been using our indicators for years. Now available on MetaTrader 4 for the first time, this system will put YOU in the driving seat as a profitable trader.

Something isn’t right.

Too many hard working Forex traders are killing themselves for a few pips a trading session.

Even worse, most traders can’t afford to lose.  Sure they can shoulder one or two bad trades…but they need to make a profit…or else.

And in this terrible economy, the situation has been getting worse.

Ask yourself…

  • Are you staying up until all hours of the night waiting for a signal to trade?
  • Are you leaving cash on the table by entering trades too late or exiting them too early?
  • Are you babysitting a timid indicator that seems to be working against you rather than for you?
  • Risking your nest-egg with so-called Robots that just don’t work

I don’t want to brag but…

I never worry about making money from every trading session.

For me, trading is a lifestyle.  My trading sessions are fun and easy.  And with my new MT4 system – PBF Xtreme – trading is so simple that I am convinced anyone can do it.

No kidding.

That’s why it makes me angry when I see these idiots selling indicators that should land them in jail!

Their garbage is too hard to understand, too complicated to set-up, and too “dumb” to recognize a solid position even if the trend existed for 2 straight hours!

I know because I’ve tested hundreds of these “scripts” and they are complete trash.

So I decided to do something about it…

Before I started creating some of the top Forex tools in the market, I used to be a classical musician.  Unfortunately I had to quit because an injury made it impossible for me to play.

My injury gave me the time and motivation to work out how the financial markets really work…

I took my math smarts and started trading Stocks, Forex, Options, and Indices.

After a while, I have to admit, I kicked ass.

I was so good at it that a few of my friends asked for my advice.  They did so well that I never had to pay my bar tab!

However, this wasn’t enough…

You see, I am nothing if not a perfectionist.

I was using the same trading tools, indicators and systems that most people use but I was not happy.

There were three major problems.

The first one was (and is) most indictors lag. I want to get into trades as early into a move as possible, and it was frustrating to see how much money I was leaving on the table.

But that led to the second problem: leading indicators are too choppy because they are too sensitive – I needed something smooth that didn’t generate false signals.

Finally, I like to be deadly accurate. I now trade with a very high degree of accuracy – which was impossible with my old setup.

In short, I was looking for the Holy Grail….

And Friend, I think I got very close.

PBF Xtreme’s secret is that it maximizes your profit potential by entering at the beginning of the trade.  The earlier you ride the trend, the higher your profits.

PBF Xtreme excels at predicting the beginning of a trend moments before it materializes.

That’s not all…

You’ll never leave money on the table again by exiting a position too early.  I’ve built in a clever sub-indicator that predicts when the market will turn – allowing you to squeeze every pip out of your trade.

It works in long trending and short term trades, with any time frame…..

I highly recommend that you get the Squeeze….

If you do that then I strongly believe that your trading career can go to the next level…

I am thoroughly impressed, marvellously thrilled, and totally satisfied! Thanks,

Brian K., NC


My trading success rate since I started using PBF’s indicators is above 90%!!!

It now seems that I expect to take profit rather than hope to take profit. This is truly a great product!!!

Thank you for your continued support,

Gerald B., Canada

Thank you very very much for these remarkable visual tools that will allow anyone to read the markets like a map .

I have heard people hawk their software to that phrase and that turned out not to be true.

You don’t use that phrase but your software fits it to a tee. Thanks

Peter C., VT

I’ve been trading full time for quite a few years now and have never been fully satisfied with the indicators I’ve used on my lower time frame charts…until now.

Using your Squeeze indicator, I’ve finally found something that I really like for scalping, or for initiating an intended longer term trade off a lower time frame signal.

The Squeeze indicator really is very very good. Many thanks!

Alan B. France

I am a veteran trader of 12 years and I day trade the Futures, Forex, Stocks and QQQQ markets.

The first night after receiving the [Lifetime] Package from PBF, I compared their indicators against what I have been using for years.

The PBF package is obviously superior than others. The signals get me in early enough in a move…

With the help of the indicators, I was able to make the money I spent on them back in 2 days, without any stress. Thanks PBF. Keep up the good job!

A. B., MO


I built PBF Xtreme specifically for my own trading.

It’s my “canary in the coalmine” that tells me when there are profits to be made.  It also tells me when to change direction when the market reverses!

The software works because it’s actually 8 powerful indicators packed into one precise and reliable package.

Let’s take a look at each one…  

This is the main indicator, where all the magic happens.

The Xtreme Squeeze Histogram shows “peaks and valleys” and provides extremely easy to understand signals. It “senses” what the market is going to do, often before it happens. The Histogram is so powerful, you could almost trade without looking at the candlesticks!

Here’s what it looks like…

The Histogram allows you to see into the future and predict when a trend will turn before it happens!

Within Xtreme Squeeze I’ve hard-coded in a surprising powerful new indicator. It’s called the Xtreme Squeeze Bias line and it will revolutionize how you trade.

The Bias Line uses a sophisticated statistical algorithm that took years of development.

This is the heart of the system and is unlike anything you have ever seen before in terms of accuracy and ease of use.


Once you have used the Histogram and Bias Line combination in the Xtreme Squeeze, you will never want to trade without them.

“Our Squeeze worked great before we had this line.

But our win rate skyrocketed after we incorporated the Bias Line.”

Some traders love their candlestick charts. You might be one of them! So, I’ve created an indicator overlay (known as a “Paint Bar Study”) that makes detecting market direction changes a snap.

Here’s a snapshot of Xtreme Direction in action…

Notice the yellow bars? They often appear at turning points and plot reversals in real time.

Like all of our indicators, they never repaint.

This early-warning system allows you to enter the market with minimal risk and maximizes your profits.

Many traders have told us that the Xtreme Direction takes the guess work out of establishing market swings – they just follow the yellow bars.

But that’s not all…

The Xtreme 2EMAs are used not only for showing the trend.

Most importantly, they are used as dynamic support:

or resistance areas.

Look at any time frame, the price often pulls back to the EMAs and bounces in a trending market.

When the price breaks above or below the EMAs from the other side, often it would want to re-test the EMAs levels before continuing its way.

This moving average follows the price very closely. It works on the same principle as the other system components: Fast, yet smooth.

I like to use this moving average, together with the Xtreme Direction, to form “triggers” for me. I will enter a long position when a yellow or blue candle closes above the FMA, or short on the yellow or red candle closes below the FMA.

This often allows me to enter right at the turning point of the market.

My Xtreme Scalper Dots is a powerful tool that shows market structure and price action at a glance.

It shows highs, higher highs, lows, or lower lows, so I always know where the previous swing high/low is at.

They are also great for drawing trend lines – just connect the dots!

The Scalper Dots also tell me where to put my stoploss and where my first target might be base on previous swing high and low. If a strong trend develops, I often trail the stop with the Scalper Dots.

The Xtreme iTunnel adds another layer between the 2EMAs and the FMAs.

The main benefits are…

Sometimes the price won’t pull back all the way to the EAMs in strong trend market.

In this case the iTunnel serves as another layer of support or resistance.Price might pull back inside the iTunnel and bounce, so we can add to our position there.

The iTunnel can also be used as a dynamic trailing stop. We can set our hard stoploss initially with the Scalper Dots, then trail with the “outer” line of the iTunnel once we are in profit.

After we have build up certain profits, we can tighten the stop to go with the inner line of the iTunnel.

When the iTunnel is flat, when the EMAs or even the FMAs are coming together and very close or even inside the iTunnel, there is no trend, so stay away.

Everyone knows the trend is our friend, go with the trend is always safer and usually more profitable.

The Xtreme Trend Bars plot the short term, midterm and long term trend, which means you don’t need to keep flicking through your charts.

When a trend develops, you will be able to take signals from a shorter term indicator in the direction of a longer term direction very easily.

The Xtreme OSOB (Over-Sold/Over-Bought) works wonders in picking tops and bottoms in a non-trending, range bounding market.

In a trending market, I like to use the OSOB to take partial profits, or scale out then scale in.


Not only have we packed 8 indicators into one powerful package, we’ve made it incredibly easy to get started.

This quick start guide will walk you through the strategy at the heart of the PBF Xtreme system.

You also get a detailed manual explaining each element of the system and its function – and how to get the best out of these elements.

Finally, I’ll show you my shortcut tips to setting up your trading account, configuring MetaTrader 4 and preparing your trades.

Although PBF Xtreme is simple to install and use, we know that you may need some support to get started.  When you order, we’ll immediately send you private access to our on-call email support team.  We’ll answer any question within one business day.

As my English is a little weak I asked for support and got extremely good support.

No questions were stupid, I got all answers I needed…

I look forward to buy more indicators from you and thanks again for this excellent support!!!

Br Helge, Sweden

Each of the 8 indicators packed into PBF Xtreme could be sold as a separate system.

However, we are ready to give you a one-time-only deal (that won’t last for long)…

Here’s a recap of what you get with your order of PBF Xtreme:


It would have saved some pain (and money)

But then at least I was grounded by the fundamentals by the other program [I bought].

At this rate, it would have been easier and cheaper had I purchased all your indicators to begin with. Good trading.

Tim B., NC

Actually $2,767 is a steal.  I’ve already been advised to offer each of these indicators for a monthly fee of at least $497 a month.

However, I know where you are right now – because I was there myself once.

I want you to see the power of the PBF Xtreme system for yourself.  So I’m willing to lower the price to give you the opportunity to try it on your own trading account.

I’ve sat down with my team and created two wallet-friendly enrollment options for you.  Just pick the one that works the best for your budget:


 Plus, I’ll protect your investment in PBF Xtreme with -

Try my system for 30 days risk free. I am extremely confident in my system and I am sure you will be delighted with it.

If you are not thrilled with what you see and earn, send me a note and I will promptly refund your first-month’s payment.  No questions. No red-tape.

On the other hand, if you love PBF Xtreme (which I’m sure you will!) then make sure you send me a note telling me about your success so I can add it to the pile!

So order the system, download, and install it in just a few easy clicks.  Fire up the software and watch it signal one great trade after another during your first trading session.

Start Trading with PBF Xtreme Today!

We are only accepting 300 new members.  We have high customer service standards and we can only provide 5-star service for 300 fast-movers.

We also plan to increase the price of the program.

You need to order now to get your hands on my system and join the trading elite.

By the way, this is not some cheap marketing gimmick.  We WILL close down this page within about a week.

So please don’t hesitate if you are serious about your trading future.  You need to move now if you want in.

Press the “Add to Cart” button below.  We will process your payment on our secure third party servers.  We’ll immediately send you instructions for downloading


Clink the link to Download PBF Xtreme to the PC of your choice.

Click the link to start the easy-install process.  PBF Extreme is compatible with all Metatrader 4 trading platforms.  The software will guide you through the easy install process.

That’s it!

Start Trading with PBF Xtreme Today!

I’m confident that PBF Xtreme is exactly what you have been waiting for. I wish that I had this software when I started trading!

As you’ve seen, hedge funds, trading companies and hundreds of retail traders just like you have already watched their trading accounts swell with easy profits.  It’s time for you to join this exclusive group.

I’m waiting for you on the other side.

P.S. The next time you visit this site, this page may be closed and the opportunity gone.  Make sure you jump on this deal before it goes away.  Click here to join PBF Xtreme now!

P.P.S.  More praise for PBF Xtreme!

I have used so many different indicators and oscillators.

None have even been close to the accuracy and timeliness of the Squeeze and PBF Direction.

I had used an oscillator that I had purchased and was satisfied with until I purchased the Squeeze.

I ran them both on my charts and was amazed at how the Squeeze would react sooner and make calls that my other oscillator didn’t pick up.

I have since stop using my old indicators. Also I would like to commend you on your excellent service. Every time I have had a question or a situation my e mail was answered very quickly and completely. Great Job.

James De Roze, Springfield, Illinois

Get PBF XTreme For Yourself!

I am trading Futures, all is going well.

Just want to let you know, in the last few weeks I am batting about 90 percent! Thanks.

Dom, FL

Questions and concerns are answered quickly and efficiently.

The Squeeze indicator stands in it’s own class of technical indicators for traders.

I feel every trader should be utilizing this non lagging indicator in their tool box. It is the mainstay of my success in the markets today.

Jack Z. Canada

Seen Enough?  Get PBF Xtreme Now!

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